Embodiment of a Seed

  • Walk down the sidewalk.
  • Look for openings in the asphalt or cement that act as homes for weeds.
  • Get close up. Think about scale.
  • Imagine a tiny seed collecting itself in a crack or corner of the cement. The seed accepts what is available and uses it as its home.
  • As the seed: hold on to this crevice, nestle in.
  • What does it mean to begin to make roots here?

“Vacant” Lot Solo

  • Observing the structures within a vacant lot.
  • Notice the various ways borders are formed.
  • What support structures do you see?
  • How do these structures direct the plants’ movement?
  • Find a nearby structure (wall, tree, fire hydrant…).
  • Lean up against the structure with different parts of your body. Your foot. Your back. Your hand. Your head.
  • How does this gesture instruct the rest of your body to move?
  • How can this relationship support you? How can you support the structure?

Co-Mingling (a Duet)

  • Work with a partner and walk through an alleyway or weedy pathway together
  • Imagine you are 2 plants co-mingling. At different seasons you are most active.
  • If you feel comfortable, ask your partner to close their eyes — guide them through the space. Detail what you see of this pathway. How and where do the plants inhabit this space?
  • Person with eyes closed. Speak up to gain support to walk confidently through the space as you are told what is around you. Guide adjust accordingly.
  • Switch roles.
  • Afterward talk through the similarities and differences of how you saw this space and where you needed support.

Human Fence

  • Walk the perimeter of a fence.
  • Observe the juxtaposition between what is on the inside and on the outside.
  • Where are the weeds?


  • Find a tall plant that sticks out of the crowd.
  • Sit or lay down on the ground next to it and look up to the sky.
  • What things can you see now?
  • Imagine yourself becoming the tall plant.
  • Join in movement you see of the tall plant.
  • You have grown this far. Where do you go from here?

Holding Weedy Space

  • Spend 1 minute in silence observing the weedy ecosystem.
  • Notice the weeds inhabiting this space.
  • Extend your finger into the fence and offer gratitude and thanks to a plant through a gesture or touch.